Tips for Creating a Website That Draws People

Tips for Creating a Website That Draws People

If you are planning to create your own website, it is very likely that you will be promoting products or services on the internet. To make your site show up on the first page of the search engine, there are several factors that need to be considered in its design. You would also want your site to be aimed at your target visitors, so that they become interested in what you offer and stay on the site for as long as possible.

The following tips can help you build an attractive website where online visitors would want to stay and ultimately make a purchase. The tips are easy to follow and you can make it your guide in your site design process.

Make it simple.

A simple design is pleasing to the eyes, whereas a cluttered one is not. Visitors will easily get confused with a site that seems so busy with everything and their tendency will be to leave and look for another website. People want a site where they can focus on what they search about and not distracted by things that are just decorative and they do not need.

Make it browser friendly

Internet Explorer (IE) is the commonly used browser by most people. However, there are also a big number of users who have browsers other than IE, like Firefox, Safari and Opera. So, your website should also open for them properly. After you’ve created your site, open it on different browsers to test if it is compatible with at least the major ones.

Make navigating on it easy

This is another feature that you need to consider if you want your site to draw people. The visitors should find it easy to make their way through your website. Set up SEO friendly links and other links that are easy to follow, so they will know where to go next.

Avoid the noise

Loud and unwanted music is a noise for many visitors when they first load your site. When your site opens with music playing or somebody talking, this can turn off your prospective customers and they will most likely leave your site and go somewhere quieter.

Avoid ads that pop up automatically.

Pop ups are really irritating, especially when the “x” takes long to appear. If your website have automatic pop ups, the visitors’ first action would be either to press the “x” or leave your site.

Refrain from creating a flash website.

These kinds of websites have interactive contents and animation videos, mostly used for advertising. There are reasons for this tip to refrain from creating this site: Flash websites (1) take longer to open and (2) are not as search engine friendly compared to regular sites. Remember, online visitors are always in a hurry to find things, so if your site cannot open easily, they would most likely hit the “back” button and move over to other sites.

Balance your site between SEO and your visitors.

It means that your site should appeal to both the search engine and your prospective customers.