Microsoft SharePoint – 7 Ways to Achieve More

Microsoft SharePoint - 7 Ways to Achieve More

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform that is developed by Microsoft. It was launched in the year 2001. The first version was actually associated with content management, intranet and document management. But the recent versions are equipped with more number of features. SharePoint can be made use of for the purpose of intranet portals, collaboration, intranet portals, extranets, business intelligence and enterprise search. It is equipped with process integration, workflow automation and system integration capabilities.

As per the records of Microsoft, SharePoint is used by 78% of fortune 500 companies. Moreover, Microsoft has sold over 36.6 million user licenses between the years 2006 and 2011. There are two versions of SharePoint that are available for free. The Premium editions of SharePoint are sold with more number of functionality and also provide a cloud service edition for their Office 365 platform. For third party vendors, Microsoft sells the same product through a cloud model.

Given below are seven tips that can be considered forgetting the most out of SharePoint:

1. Deployment of SharePoint needs planning
Right before installing SharePoint, businesses must take into consideration the hurdles that might come in their way. These must be considered beforehand, for the purpose of avoiding the difficulties that come later. SharePoint works with products like SQL databases, Windows and Active Directory. Organizations prefer to use SharePoint because it helps in organizing and displaying information in the way employees can work in a more productive way.

2. Yammer- A major part of SharePoint end user experience
Microsoft has made Yammer, the leader of the enterprise social. This has become possible when Microsoft has integrated Yammer into SharePoint.

3. Need for using SharePoint for your requirements
SharePoint has got many functions. But these cannot be useful for every customer. Hence using the right functions alone can help you gain success in your field.

4. Current SharePoint users are provided many enhancements
Microsoft is providing customers who are using SharePoint with a privilege of providing the latest platforms. with this action, Microsoft has been successful gaining a lot of users to their side, and most companies are planning to use SharePoint 2013 this very year and others are planning to move on to SharePoint online very soon. The enhancements include HTML 5 support, push notifications, improved people finding, tracking of activity and search capabilities. Further functionalities are aimed mainly for mobile users. Since these sites are easier for ordinary users, companies could avoid the troubles of custom code.

5. SharePoint and your attitude towards cloud
When you use SharePoint in cloud, you can decrease infrastructure costs and also improve agility. Those customers who are ready to use cloud technologies find the latest version more apt and have found that they will help them in reaching their goals very easily.

6. SharePoint and third party solutions
SharePoint has a number of built in tools. Some of them are very hard to use and some other do not have the capability to meet your needs. In such cases, a number of third party add-ons have been developed with the help of SharePoint’s 2013 app market making way to new possibilities. If a company takes over yet another company, it needs to update its contents with the help of the company’s Active directory data and SharePoint into its system. Handling this manually is a hard task. Hence, using the help of third party solutions can help a lot. The third party options for SharePoint are AvePoint, Bamboo Solutions, Dell/Quest, NewsGator, Nintex and K2.

7. Other alternatives
Companies must understand that using SharePoint is not the only solution to your business needs. They must understand that SharePoint is just a means to build corporate intranets.