Lrp – 614, Getting Certified By Portal Developer Exam

LRP-614, Portal Developer certification exam is a very beneficial exam for brilliant individuals that are the main responsible ones for handling portal development, in this exam, these professionals have to sit for ninety minutes to solve fifty questions that are main and get seventy five percent. The format for this exam is either true of false of the multiple choices questions.

LRP-614, Portal Developer certification exam accounts for the learning of the following topics that are, Development Best Practices, Architecture and APIs, Portlet Plugin Development, Hook Plugin Development, Theme Plugin Development, Layout Template Plugin Development and Advanced Customization.

LRP-614, Portal Developer certification exam given objectives are, Building port lets in Liferay’s Plugins SDK, Java standard port lets, Liferay’s service architecture, Using Service Builder to generate a robust service layer, Building complex port let applications, Connecting your application to Liferay’s per missioning system, Adding support for Application Display Templates to your application, Customizing the portal using hooks, How themes are created and function, How layout templates are created and function, Extensively modifying the portal through an Ext plugin, Development best practices, Using Liferay Developer Studio, Deploying projects to an instance of Liferay, Navigating through the Portal, Managing users through Organizations and User Groups, Administering Portal configuration through the Control Panel, How Liferay’s permissions system works out of the box, Applying permissions to users through Roles and teams, Creation and display of basic content through Sites, Managing pages in Sites, Sharing resources through Site hierarchy, How to create and use Site and Page Templates, What different content types are available in Liferay, Managing your documents and media, How you can use Liferay for collaboration, Relating content through the Asset Framework, Extending default information with Custom Fields, Using Workflow in Liferay, How to use Dynamic Data Lists to retrieve information, Installing Liferay from a bundle and Installing Liferay on an existing server.

Applicants for LRP-614, Portal Developer also learn about Configuring Liferay through properties, Connecting Liferay to external databases and mail servers, Setting up Liferay in a clustered environment, Integrating document repositories and Scheduling APIs, Customizing indexing for Liferay objects, Making data more user-friendly and accessible by search engines, Exporting and Importing your data with LARs, Allowing applications to be staged, Rapid Application Development using Liferay’s Web Content Management System, Understanding the Theme Architecture and How to build off of a base Theme.

Other LRP-614, Portal Developer certification exam given objectives include Applying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Configurable options using Theme Settings, Configurable options using Color Schemes, Using Free marker or Velocity in a Liferay Theme, Using SASS and Compass, Using Alloy UI in your Theme, Using Alloy Bootstrap in your Them, Developing a Layout Template, Understanding how to think about Responsive Design, Creating a Site Template using your Theme, Understanding Content Administration, Managing creation and display of basic content, Managing Pages and Sites, Relating content through the Asset Framework, Using Metadata to relate content, Dynamic content publishing with the Asset Publisher, Managing your documents and media, Creating Workflow definitions in Liferay, Using Structured Content, Using Content Templates, Using Application Display Templates, How to use Alloy UI in Content and Staging Content for publication.

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