How to Prevent In-App Purchases?

How to Prevent In-App Purchases?

With rapid changing technology, it is easier to surf anywhere and anytime. Android Smartphones, Windows powered Smartphones and iOS devices are often attracting attention for what they have to offer a user. Any technology user would be thrilled to have an iPhone or an Android device to upload apps and play games. Now if this is such a fun thing for an adult then what about kids, they too need their entertainment.

Often, it is seen that due to lack of proper security and other measures kids end up spending thousands of dollars accidentally on in-app purchases. There are many such games that trigger off these expenses that are often hard to control. Additional charges to your credit card and escalating bills is frustrating. However, by taking just a few measures you will be able to prevent accidental in-app purchases.

Before starting off on preventive measures let us first define the term ‘in-app purchase.’

About In-App Purchase

Devices and Smartphones with OS like iOS, Windows and Android are designed with a feature of in-app purchases for the apps that you have installed. For example, if you have installed an app from the App Store then the in-app feature will charge you on your credit card before quitting the app. This requires immediate payment that is charged on your credit card bill.

There are other things called freemium that are based on a model that allows a user to play a game for free up to a level and then they are charged to proceed ahead. Even though the payment might just require a dollar for a few levels but this becomes tricky and expensive in the long run. The in-game items require purchases and this is what ends up in hiked bills.

There are some games that require in-app purchases. For example there was a game where a virtual fish needed to be fed to keep it alive. If it dies the user can resurrect it but with a cost. These tricks are often hard to understand and you end up with expenses that you do not remember purchasing. However, now with a solution for each OS you will be able to prevent such accidental or forced in-app purchases that require some adjustments in your device.

For iPad and iPhone

Apple has designed its software with the feature of ‘Restrictions’ that enable in turning off the in-app purchases. By creating a pass code you can enable the restrictions for purchases, here is how it is possible:

• Go to Settings app-> General category
• General screen-> Restrictions
• Enable Restrictions and choose to enter a password you prefer, remember to keep it a secret

Go to Allowed Content-> In-App Purchases, turn it off. This way when anyone attempts purchases your device will prompt password command to enable it. For making purchases you will get a time lag of 15 minutes before the restriction is back on.

For Android Smartphone

App purchase are possible through Google Play Store where you can enter PIN that will allow you to make a purchase from the Store or do in-app purchases, here is how this is possible:

• Go to Google Play Store and select Menu-> Settings
• Tap User Controls to change PIN or create it, choose to enter a PIN that no one else knows
• Select the checkbox against Use PIN for purchases.

For Kindle Fire Users

If you are using Kindle Fire and wondering how to restrict the purchases then you need not worry as Parental Controls give you the means to set restrictions.

• Go to Store app-> Menu-> Settings
• Go to Parental Controls to enable it and use your login details here for making purchase, or use the option of ‘Use PIN’ to enable purchases
• To disable the option of in-app purchases go to Settings screen and disable the option completely.

It is essential to disable or make appropriate settings for in-app purchases to avoid accidental purchases. You will be able to keep a tab on purchases and avoid hiked bills that are a result of purchases made by kids online.