How To Pass Sy0 – 301 Comptia Certification Exam

How To Pass Sy0 - 301 Comptia Certification Exam

SY0-301 Security+ has gained immense recognition in last few years as it is recommended by U.S. dept. of defense and approved to meet management and IA technical certification needs and it is also chosen by U.S. government contractors such as CSC, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman and staff professionals of Hitachi Information Systems (Japan) and Pestering Systems Sun. Bhd. (Malaysia). Additionally, many IT contracts state that the contractor must have at least security+ certification. So if you have this on your resume, it will eventually open a lot of doors of opportunities.

Exam info:

You will have ninety minutes to get through one hundred questions. SY0-301 Security+ Exam is based on multiple choices test questions in traditional format providing you the ability to move back and forth to view your previous questions and the minimum passing score is 750.

Exam prerequisites:

There SY0-301 Security+ are no prerequisites required for this exam. However, it is recommended to have a Network+ certification and at least two years of working experience with computers in a networking environment.


Get prepared for this exam by hundreds of sample questions available online. As well as, interactive study games and other software are available for the preparation of SY0-301 Security+ Certification Exam all in one training kit. These immensely interactive and helpful prep materials in PDF format portray you an idea of the exam which will help you to analyze yourself and identify the depth of your knowledge and areas you need to focus.

It is always a good idea to attempt sample questions so as to get familiar with the actual pattern of the exam. Furthermore probable questions under the heading of brain dumps are also available; however dumps should not be given high consideration since they are often considered to be a very weak source.

Exam objectives:

The SY0-301 Security+ Exam is conducted from six domains security of a network covering 21% of exam questions, compliance and operation security constituting 18% of questions, vulnerabilities and threat 21%, application, host security and data 16%, identity management and control of access 13% and cryptography covers 11% of exam questions given in assessment.

SY0-301 Security+ Under network security person is assessed form different topics like explanation of security functions, purposes of different network devices and different technologies, application and implementation of a secure network with its administration principles, differentiation between elements of network designs, implementation and uses of different protocols, identification of different network ports, and implementation of a secure wireless network.

SY0-301 Security+ For the second domain compliance and operation security areas assessed are explanation of concepts related to risks, carrying out proper strategies for risk mitigation, execution of appropriate incident and responses to procedures, explanation of security importance, comparison of different aspects regarding business continuity, explanation and impaction of proper use for environmental control, and exemplifying concepts related to confidentiality and availability.

SY0-301 Security+ Third domain threats and vulnerabilities is covered from analyzing and differentiating between types of malware, different types of attacks, attacks related to social engineering, attacks on wireless, applications, and mitigation, implementation of tools and different techniques and their assessment, and lastly explanation of appropriate uses of penetration tests. Fourth domain to be assessed is application of data and security of host by covering questions from explanation of security applications, appropriate procedures to launch security of host and explanation of importance for security of data.

The SY0-301 Security+ fifth domain to ace is accessing and controlling management of identity by assessing topics related to explanation of functions and different purpose of service authentication, fundamental concepts, and implementation of proper security control. Lastly skills regarding cryptography is assessed summarizing all general concepts related to it.

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