A Check List Before You Plunge Into App Development

A Check List Before You Plunge Into App Development

Developing an app is an extremely long drawn and expensive affair. While it usually is an extremely wise choice to make, here are a list of things you should give some thought to before taking the plunge.

1. Do I need a brand new app?

There are millions of apps available in the market for doing a whole host of things. While it is extremely essential to use an app which satisfies every need of your enterprise, searching for a perfect fit first is better than spending all that time and money to finally realize that your dream app already exists.

2. Using a Composite application:

Composite applications are just an amalgam of existing functions or modules. These can be gotten from various sources and can use any architecture or technology. Composite applications are generally a cheaper and quicker alternative.

3. Would a mobile website suit me better?

Carefully plan out the functionality of your mobile app. If you want faster updates, do not really need to use a phone’s native features and are satisfied with being available only when your client is online then go for a mobile website. Mobile websites do have a number of advantages: it has a wider reach, greater usability, unlimited life and most important for you, low cost and time of production. Mobile apps on the other hand, are found to draw in more users in the age 17-40, create a stronger impact and promote customer loyalty.

4. Choosing a Framework:

Once you have made up your mind about building an app and app development, your next big challenge hits you: Choosing a framework. This is one of the single most important decisions you will have to take in the app development process. There are number of platforms available out there like Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry and you probably have to cater to them all. If you want your apps to be able to access all native features of the phone go for native apps. Native apps give you a feel consistent to that of your OS, are user friendly and have the best performance. Hybrid apps on the other hand, can be used across platforms and give you the widest reach. Weigh out your options carefully before you choose a framework.

Once you have chosen the framework for your app, be prepared for the barrage of choices and decisions you will have to make. You will have to decide your target device, the revenue model you want to follow, your advertising strategy, branding, marketing, distribution and so much more.

It is extremely important to do a lot of research before you build your app and go for app development. You need to be completely aware of the market trends in app development, what choices your contemporaries around you are making, the latest technology available and the best app developers out there. Meticulous planning will translate into a successful app development. So, do not let the world of app development catch you unaware.