70 – 465, One Of The Best Certification From Microsoft

70 - 465, One Of The Best Certification From Microsoft

Skills Measured During This Examination:

The 70-465 examination is nothing but Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Exam that determines the capabilities of candidates to achieve the technical tasks. The percentages show the comparative weight of each key topic part on the examination. The superior the proportion, the extra queries are likely to see on that content part on the examination.

Plan A Database Structure (20 to 30 percent)

Plan for business requirements: De-normalize technically by use of SQL Server features, plan a normalization area, and recognize which SQL Server components to utilize to support business necessities and business to data translations.

Plan object placement and physical database: Configure system database settings; plan a physical database, consists of FILESTREAM, FILETABLE, file placement file groups and RAID.

Plan an index and table partitioning tactic: Plan XML indexes, plan column store indexes, archive using tables and partitions; and expand the optimal tactic for indexing.

Plan a consolidation, migration and upgrade tactic: Plan a SQL Server virtualization tactic; plan a migration tactic by use of Distributed Replay Controller; transfer query plans; transfer to SQL Database; plan a database deployment, consists of Windows Server Core, Power Shell and contained databases; plan a cross-cluster migration and advance with minimal downtime.

Plan SQL Server instances: Describe cross db ownership chaining; plan installation tactics, including slipstream, simper and SMB file server; plan instance memory allocation; plan clustered instances by use of MSDTC; plan CPU affinity and recognize hardware for new instances.

Plan backup and recovery: Recover Tail-Log backups; plan a system database backup tactic; plan appropriate recovery models; plan a database snapshot tactic and plan a backup tactic based on business requirements, including file, differential, log, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Service and striped.

Plan Databases And Database Objects (30 to 35 Percent)

Plan a database model

Plan tables

Plan for concurrency

Plan a management automation tactic

Plan for transactions

Plan Database Security (15 to 20 Percent)

Plan an application tactics for support safety

Plane schema, database and object safety permissions

Plan instance-level security configurations

Plan An Optimization And Troubleshooting Solutions (20 to 25 Percent)

Plan a maintenance tactic for database servers

Troubleshoot and solve concurrency problems

Plan and execute a high accessibility solution

Plan a resolution to monitor concurrency and performance

Plan a monitoring resolution at the instance level

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