599 – 01:learning About Riverbed Certified Solutions

599-01 Exams: Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional – Storage Delivery exam will provide the applicants to know about many important aspects of the technology which relates to the knowledge and skills about the storage delivery which allows the ability to understand the techniques in performing the duties involved in the IT professionals who carry out different jobs which is expected of them in the organization.

599-01 Tests: Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional – Storage Delivery exam is based on the following course outline which have been given as follows:

SteelHead Appliance is the topic which covers Intro to RiOS optimization, In-path deployment, Out-of-path deployment, Logical in-path w/ WCCPv2, Satellite with high-speed TCP and Intro to SteelHead Interceptor, Scaling your deployment, Sizing your deployment and Deployment troubleshooting.

SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead is the next topic which covers Managing your deployment and SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead policies, Appliance grouping , Deploying the SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead.

The topic of 599-01 Brain Dumps SteelHead Mobile consists of mobilizing your workforce, Acceleration policies, Integrating SteelHead Mobile, Virtual Services Platform, VSP & ESXi architecture and Deploying VM packages. The topic of SteelFusion consists of Storage & iSCSI basics, SteelFusion solution overview, LUN configuration, SteelFusion Core installation and SteelFusion Edge Enterprise. Edition installation covers the knowledge of Mapping LUNs.

599-01 Sample Questions: Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional – Storage Delivery covers others important topics that are:

RiOS Optimization Review consists of, Data streamlining, Application streamlining, SDR modes of operation and RiOS control and health. The topic of Application Streamlining consists of working with Windows domains, File system protocols, Mail optimization and HTTP auto-config andTerminal services.

The topic of Transport Optimization covers UDP and IPv6 optimization and SSL and secure optimization. Other Enterprise Services consists of Business continuity and disaster recovery and Video-stream splitting. The topic of Optimization consists of In-path deployment, Out-of-path deployment, Serial and parallel deployment, SteelHead CX for virtual deployments, SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead and Management and monitoring.

In the topic of 599-01 E-Books Quality of Service (QoS) the applicants learn about Introduction to QoS Basic QoS Advanced QoS, Inbound QoS and Maximum TCP (MX-TCP). Transport Optimization includes the knowledge of High-speed TCP (HS-TCP) and Satellite/SCPS optimization. Path Selection consists of Path selection introduction, Path selection and QoS. Virtual In-Path consists of Policy Based Routing (PBR), WCCP and SteelHead Interceptor, Performance tuning theory, J2EE and .NET terminology, Architecture overview, Critical concepts, Desktop console user interface, SteelCentral AppInternals integration , Transaction Visualizer (PTV) analysis, Multi-tier application architecture, Cross-tier transaction tracing Transaction trace analysis and Use cases.

599-01 Study Material SteelCentral AppResponse consists of Products and features, Deployment planning & installation , Using the console, Configuration best practices, Application discovery and definition, Using tables & charts, SteelCentral AppResponse insights, Gathering baseline information, Report generation, Configuring alerts, System administration tasks, Define & export packet traces and Integration with SteelCentral.

599-01 Certifications Tests: Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional – Storage Delivery also covers the topics which are, Network Monitoring Overview which consists of SteelCentral solution overview, Network instrumentation, Host groups & definitions, Asset discovery & inventory, Reporting & performance metrics and Interactive dashboards and many others.

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